(See section 34)


  1. Discharging any dangerous chemical, inflammable, hazardous or offensive article in any drain, or sewer, public water course or public land vested in, managed, maintained or controlled by the Authority or an Agency in such manner as causes or is likely to cause danger to persons passing by or living or working in neighbourhood, or risk or injury to property or causing harm to the environment.
  2. Failure of industrial or commercial concerns or such property holders to provide adequate and safe disposal of affluent or prevention of their mixing up with the water supply or sewerage system.


  1. Willfully obstructing any officer or servant of Authority or any person authorized to exercise power conferred under this Act.
  2. Failure to deliver back possession of a property to the Authority on expiration or cancellation of lease or allotment or exemption of a plot.
  3. Doing an act without license, approval or permission when the doing of such act requires a license or permission under any of the provisions of the Act, the rules or regulations.
  4. Violation of the master plan, building plan or sanctioned site development scheme including the plans and schemes sanctioned under the repealed enactments, allotting, selling or using the land for the purpose other than the approved layout plan.
  5. Erection or re-erection of building over set back area or parking area or building line area required to be left open under the rules or bylaws for using such space for any purpose which is not approved.
  6. Changing or converting into any other use any portion of a commercial or residential building or area specified or earmarked for public parking or amenities.
  7. Establishing any parking stand on any property or on any open space and public park or land vested in or managed, maintained or controlled by the Authority or any Agency.
  8. Establishing temporary shops or running any restaurant or vending stalls for eatables, wooden khokhasor any sort of commercial activity on any road, street, footpath, public place, over a drain, or any other property vesting in the Authority.
  9. Obstructing or tampering with any road, street, drain or sewer pipe or pavement or tampering with any main pipe, meter or any apparatus or appliance for the supply of water or sewerage system or laying out a drain or altering any drain in a street or road.
  10. Connecting any house drain with a drain in a public street without approval of the Authority.
  11. Drawing off, diverting or taking any water except with the permission required under this Act, rules or regulations.
  12. Willfully causing damage, or allowing damage to be caused to any property which vests in the Authority, or which is intended to be acquired by the Authority, or unlawfully converting it to his own or any other person’s use.
  13. Refusal or willfully neglecting to provide any officer or servant of the Authority with the means necessary for entering into any premises for purposes of collecting any information or making an examination or enquiry in relation to any water works.
  14. Failure or neglect of the sponsor to abide by or fulfill the commitment made to a person regarding allotment of a plot, housing unit or price of the same in any scheme.
  15. Without lawful excuse, filing or refusing to comply with any direction or order issued by the Authority under this Act.
  16. Unauthorized occupation without permission of the owner of land or plot in a housing scheme developed and controlled by the Authority.
  17. Attempting to commit or abetting the commission of an offence punishable under this Act.