CPEC Sea Routes Protection – China grants 2 Ships to Pakistan

The Chinese and Pakistani governments and navies have been working closely in order to maintain the land and route security of CPEC. Recently, China bestowed the Pakistan Navy with two ships equipped with state-of-the-art guns for security purposes of the CPEC sea routes.

The ships are named after two nearby rivers, Hingol and Basol. Commander of the Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini received the ships from Chinese officials at Gwadar Port. Many top naval and civilian officials were present at the occasion from Pakistan’s side including Director-General of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Rear Admiral Jamil Akhter.

The security of CPEC routes holds a lot of importance for both sides and Pakistan has already readied a new division of army for the sole purpose of protection of routes in and around the Gwadar Port. This division was raised under the supervision of Former Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Sharif.  The security of Gwadar Port has already been handed over to this division.

According to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, these ships are now the part of Pakistan Navy and aren’t provided exclusively for CPEC routes as they will be employed in all maritime zones of Pakistan and used to carry out rescue and search operations.

Right n0w, the Chinese government is working on two more ships named Dasht and Zhob. that will be provided to our navy.