CPEC Investments Hit $25 Billion Mark – Much more to come

Recently The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin’s, discussed the progress status of CPEC in a regular press conference. Wenbin states how the work on this project started in 2013 and a lot of projects including roads, developmental, transportation, and energy generation projects have been completed in these seven years.

Mr. Wenbin also highlighted the recent inauguration of the Orange Line project which is the first-ever electric-powered metro train service of Pakistan. According to him, CPEC has introduced the era of metro train service in Pakistan through this project. This project has created 70 thousand jobs for the people of Pakistan and will successfully contribute 1-2% to Pakistan’s GDP growth every year. CPEC has also established many power generation projects in Pakistan to meet the ever-increasing demand and prevent power blackouts in the industries so that the economy can be stabilized.

The foreign ministry of China conveyed how they will continue to support CPEC and will continue to collaborate with Pakistan in order to successfully conclude this project in the coming years. Moreover, the spokesperson mentioned how all the projects coming under the flagship of BRI are open ones which means any country that is interested in any of these projects including CPEC is welcome to contribute and be a part of this regional connectivity and Asian empowerment project.