1. Powers and functions of Authority

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and any rules framed thereunder, the Authority may exercise such powers and take such measures as may be necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

(2)  Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of the foregoing sub-section, the Authority may–

(i)  initiate and maintain a continuous process of comprehensive development planning for the area with the objective of preparing a development plan;

(ii)  periodically update such a development plan and coordinate its implementation by the Authority or Government agencies within the area;

(iii)  develop, operate and maintain water supply, sewerage and drainage system within the area;

(iv)  prepare Annual Development Programme for the area, ensure compliance of the Annual Development Programme with priorities established in the development plan after its preparation and evaluate performance under the Annual Development Programme at the end of each year;

(v)  establish, maintain and periodically revise as necessary, planning controls and building regulations for the area to:-

(a)   provide appropriate urban design and protect public safety; and

(b)  ensure compliance with the development plan after its preparation.

(vi)  prepare, implement and enforce schemes for environmental improvements, housing, urban renewal including slums improvement and re-development, solid waste disposal, transportation and traffic, health and education facilities and preservation of objects or places of historical, archaeological, scientific, cultural and recreational importance;

(vii)  take any steps or adopt any measures for the face lifting and beautification of the area;

(viii)  acquire property, both movable and immovable;

(ix)  sell, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of any property vested in it;

(x)  undertake any works and incur any expenditure;

(xi)  procure machinery instruments or any other material required by it;

(xii)  enter into contracts;

(xiii)  cause studies, surveys, experiments, technical researches or contribute towards the cost of any such studies, surveys, experiments or technical researches made by any other Agency;

(xiv)  issue interim development order for the area for which a scheme is under preparation and restrict or regulate by general or special order, any change in the use of land and alteration in building structure and installation;

(xv)  seek and obtain advice and assistance for the preparation of any scheme, or for the execution of any scheme from any Government agency or person and such agency or person shall give the advice and assistance sought by the Authority to the best of its ability, knowledge and judgement and the additional expenditure, if any, involved in giving such advice or assistance shall be borne by the Authority; and

(xvi)  establish an agency/agencies and entrust to it such powers and functions as it may deem fit with the approval of the Government.

  1. Delegation:The Authority may, by general or special orders, delegate to the Director-General or a Committee constituted under section 10 or a member or an officer of the Authority, any of its powers, duties or functions under this Act, subject to such conditions as it may think fit to impose.
  2. Appointment of officers and employees:The Authority may appoint such officers, advisors, experts, consultants and employees, as it considers necessary for the efficient performance of its functions on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit.
  3. Committees: The Authority may constitute such financial, technical and advisory committees as may be deemed necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act and such committees shall exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be delegated or assigned to them by the Authority.