Chapter 8: Space Requirements In & About Buildings

  • Space for Electrical Sub-Station

A minimum space of 16ft. x 21ft. (5m. x 6.5m) (or as per requirement of QESCO shall be left for electrical sub-station which is abutting on road side / street or has a clear passage of 16ft. (4.87m). width, for public sale, commercial, residential building and industrial building having an area in excess of 25,000sq.ft. (2323 Sq.m) all Category ‘III” and category “IV” buildings. In the event that QESCO sub-station is not required, this space may be utilized as per Regulations.

8-2       Method of Measuring Minimum clear Space

The minimum clear space prescribed between a buildings and form the property line shall be measured from the external face of the perimeter wall enclosing the covered or usable are of the building, at its greatest projection from the building, at right angles to the plot boundary, and excluding permissible chajjas and balconies, if there are more boundaries than one in the plot affecting the building, the above requirements will be satisfied at all such boundaries also

8-3       Separate Approach for every Building

Every building more than 35 ft (10.5m) high not abutting on a street shall have an access for an approach form the street, open to the sky, at least 13ft.(4m) width.

  • Projections beyond Property Limits

No projections or overhanging features shall be permitted beyond property limits except where permitted under the Regulations.

  • Allowable Projections
    • Maximum allowable projection of chajjas and sunshades in compulsory open spaces shall be 2.5ft (0.75m) or half the width of COS whichever less is.
    • No construction shall be allowed in the chamfered portion up to 17ft (5.17m) measured form the adjacent road.
    • Open balconies projecting on to public streets from buildings abutting such streets be permitted by the authority such projection shall not be used as a room as per conditions stated here under.

Min height above

Street level from

Centre of Street

Width of                     Max. length               Max.               Balconies and

Street                          of Balconies               Projection      Sunshades

30ft.(9.13m)& less     23ft.(7m)                    2ft.(60cm)       17ft.(5.17m)

than 40ft. (12.18m)

40ft.(12.18m) & less  23ft.(7m)                    3ft.(90cm)       17ft.(5.17m)

than 50ft.(15.2m)

50ft.(15.2m) & above 23ft.(7m)                    4ft.(120cm)                 17ft.(5.17m)

In case of corner plots no balcony will be allowed at the corner of the plot below 17ft. (5.17m)

8-6       Residential Buildings

8-6.1    No Habitable room shall have a floor area of less than 100Sq.ft. (9.3Sq.m)

  • The minimum width of a habitable room shall be 8ft. (2.44m).
  • The minimum floor area of kitchen shall be 50sq.ft. (4.53Sq.m). The minimum width of Kitchen shall be 6ft. (1.8m).
  • The minimum areas and widths of W.C.’s and bathrooms shall be:


Min. Area                              Min. Width

W.C                                         15sq.ft. (1.4sq.m)                   3.5ft. (1.07m)

Shower                                    15sq.ft. (1.4Sq.m)                   3.5ft. (1.7m)

Combined W.C and                35sq.ft. (3.25Sq.m)                 4.5ft. (1.38m)


  • The minimum clear height or rooms under any structure member shall be except in the cases when central air conditioning provides are applicable as purchase No.9-8-1:

Habitable rooms                     9.5 ft. (2.65m)

Kitchens                                  9.5 ft. (2.65m)

Bathrooms W.C.’s Latrine     8 ft.   (2.43m)

Garages and Car porch           7.5 ft. (2.28m)

Passages, galleries, corridors 7.5 ft. (2.28m)

Dress Room                            7 ft.    (2.13m)

8-7       Commercial Buildings

8-7.1    The minimum floor area of a shop shall be 100Sq.ft. (9.29Sq.m) and the minimum width of the shop shall be 8ft. (2.4m)

8-7.2    The minimum ceiling height of an arcade shall be 8ft. (2.5m).

(9.29Sq.m) and a minimum height of 16ft. (4.87m) and loft area of not exceeding 40% of the carpet floor area.

8-7.3    The minimum ceiling height of an arcade shall be 8ft. (2.5m).

8-7.4    40% of the shopping area may have shops of minimum floor area of 56 Esq. (5.2Sq.m) provided they are not facing the road.

8-7.5    The minimum clear height of shop will be 10ft. (3m).

8-7.6    Clear width of Arcade between inner surface of the outer column and shop shall be minimum of 5’-6” and width from outer column and shop shall be 8’-0”.

8-8.1    Staircases

                     The riser of all buildings shall not be more than 6 inches (15 cm) and the tread shall not be less than 11 inches (27.54 cm) except for residential houses where the maximum riser shall be 7 inches (18 cm) and the minimum tread will be 11 inches (27.54 cm). However, for staircases to lofts, circular staircases to non-public access mezzanines and heights not exceeding 7 feet 6 inches (2.25 m) staircase risers and treads will be worked out through the following formula: 2 R + T=22 where R is riser and T is tread and the minimum T is 6 inches.

  • For all buildings other than Category “I” buildings and bungalows, the minimum width of staircases shall be 4ft. (1.2 m). The distance from any point to the nearest staircase shall not exceed 100ft. (30m). The minimum clear head room under beams and stair landing shall be 7ft. (2.1m).
  • Other than bungalows, all staircases shall be provided with handrails.
  • A handrail shall be provided on each side of the Staircase when the staircase is 6 ft. (1.8m) wide or more.
  • For all buildings other than bungalows, there shall not be more than 15 risers between each landing in a straight flight. Depth of the landing shall not be less than the width of the flight.
  • Winders shall be permitted in Category “I” buildings and bungalows only.
  • Lifts

8-9.1 No lift will be of capacity less than 6 person, and lifts shall conform to the technical provisions of BS5655 with respect to all safety devices, procedures of examination and annual testing/certification of lifts by a professional engineer of concerned disciplines.

8-9.2 Lift/elevator shall be provided in all structure/Buildings where the building is ground + 3 and above

The following recommendations will be considered in the design of lifts:-

Minimum Provision of Lifts.

Minimum Climbing HeightMinimum Number of LiftsCapacity
From 46ft. (14m) to below 59ft(18m)1450 Kg (6 Passenger)
59ft. (18m) and above2450 Kg (6 Passenger)


Additional number of lifts to be provided by the designer professional keeping in view the size, speed and size of brand of lift, type and height of buildings etc.

  • Minimum Requirements of Places of Assembly

The minimum clear heights of places of assembly shall be 12ft. (3.65)


  • Godowns and Warehouses
    • No godown except a store shall be provided in a residential building.
    • Godowns/ware houses shall be designed, adopted or used for storage purposes only;
    • In every warehouse and godown there shall be an exhibition by the owner, at some appropriate place, permanently and conspicuously, a notice incised or embossed on metal, plastic or similar permanent material in the following form, stating the load for which the floor has been designed with letters to be at least 1 inch(25mm) wide & 3 inch(75mm) high. In case of inflammable or explosive materials, being stored, prior permission from the relevant authorities shall be obtained.