Chapter 4: Licensing/Registration of Professionals

The following tables list the requisite qualification for various categories of Professionals and Firms.

4-1.1    Qualifications of the professionals:




  • A person recognized as such under PCATP Ordinance-ix of 1983 and Rules & Regulations framed there under. (5 years degree in Architecture)
Building Supervisor


Category “I”




Category “II”




Category “III”



  • Three years diploma in Civil Engineering or Architecture plus minimum Two years’ experience in Building Construction.
  • Three years diploma in Civil Engineering or Architecture plus minimum five years’ experience in Building Construction.
  • Three years diploma in Civil Engineering or Architecture plus minimum Ten years experience in Building Construction.


Professional Engineer  (Civil)A person recognized as such under PEC Act and Rules& Regulations framed there under. (4 year degree in civil engineering)
Proof EngineerA person registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as Professional Engineer (Civil) and enlisted by the Authority as per clause 4-2( Master in Civil Engineering)
Structural EngineerA professional Civil Engineer recognized as Consulting Engineer under PEC Act.( Master in Structural Engineering)
Town PlannerA person recognized as such by PCATP. Ordinance ix of 1983 and Rules & Regulations framed there under.(M


4-1.2    Qualification/entitlement of firms (as per regulations of PEC).

Constructors registered with the PEC will be registered as Builders by the Authority on production of their PEC registration certificates and the payment of a fee determined and revised by the Oversee Committee and approved by the Authority.


Geotechnical Laboratory§ Fully equipped laboratory having technical staff as follows:


§ Geo-tech Consultant, registered with PEC as Consultant (Geology or Soil Science).

§ List of all Soil Testing equipment required


§ Soil Testing and recommendations for foundations for all types of Buildings and Projects.
Material Testing Laboratory§ Fully equipped laboratory having technical staff as follows:


–   Registered as Professional Engineer (Civil ) with PEC minimum five years experience in field and technical paper /article on material / soil testing.

–   Material / Soil Engineer (B.E Civil registered as Professional Engineer (B.E Civil) with PEC and with minimum five years of experience.

–   List of all Material Testing equipment required.

§ Material testing of all Buildings and Projects


4-2.      Manner of Grant of License (Fees applicable)

2-2.1       Any person and /or firm who hold the qualifications and experience laid down in these Regulations may apply on a prescribed Form to the authority for license.

4-2.2       The qualifications and experience required for license in a particular category wherever required in these Regulations.

4-2.3       When an application for the grant for license has been approved by the Licensing Committee, the applicant will be informed accordingly and will be required to deposit the license fee (Schedule 4A).

4-4       Functions of the Licensing Authority

4-4.1          The Authority shall decide the case in the light of these Regulations it shall also hear the appeals against-rejection of licenses.

  • The Authority shall interview the applicants for grant of license.

4-4.3.         The Authority, before approving or rejecting an application, shall also see besides prescribed qualifications and experience, the capability of the applicant.

4-4.4          The Authority at the time of interview for grant of license shall inspect the   original documents submitted and may;

4-4..1         Grant the license or

4.4.2          Reject the application, specifying the reasons thereof.

4-5.      Registration & Cancellation of Registration   

4-5.1 when an application for a license has been approved by the Authority, the license shall be issued to the applicant.

4-5.2.No person shall practice in Gwadar Tehsil who is not licensed by the Authority except the professionals registered with Pakistan Council of Architect, Town Planner (PCATP) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as Architect, Town Planner and Engineers. The professional employed in public sector shall not be allowed to practice except for the works of their concerned department.

4-5.3 Professionals and or constructors registered / enlisted with the PCATP/PEC will be registered by the Authority on production of their PCATP/PEC registration / enlistment certificates duly revalidated. However Authority shall have the power to de-register professionals firms and builders (architect, town planners, engineers, developers) in case of misconduct.

4-6       Validity period of License

The license granted under these Regulations shall be valid for a calendar year ending on 31st December.

  • License & Renewal Fees

4-7.1 the applicant of a fresh license granted under these Regulations shall pay the fee as prescribed by the Authority. Any fee paid to the Authority shall not be refundable.

  • The application for renewal of license that has been granted under these Regulations accompanied by such fee as prescribed in Schedule 4A shall be made to the Authority on prescribed Form.

4-7.3    If the application for renewal of license has not been submitted within the allowed time additional fee shall be charged in addition to usual fee as prescribed.

4-8       Revocation of License

Without prejudice to any other action that may be authorized under the Ordinance or the rules framed there under the Authority may revoke or suspend the license of a Licensee/firm etc. after issuance of show cause notice and if the licensee fails to satisfy the Authority in respect of the violation of these regulations as allegedly committed by him form the Authority.

4-9.2     The period of limitation for filling such appeal under these regulations shall be 90 days from the date of receipt of cause for such grievances.

4-10.    Reasons for cancellations/suspension of License

4-10.1  The licensee disobeys or fails  to comply with any Regulations or directions issued by the Authority from time to time or any rule framed under the Ordinance amended up-to-date and the provisions of these Regulations.

4-10.2     The licensee in case of individual or in case of registered company, its directors/partners, shall personally and severally be held responsible for the breach of any provision of the Ordinance amended up-to-date, and rules and regulation framed there under.

4-10.3     The licensee executes and supervises any unauthorized work or any work which is being raised in the absence of a Development permit, or is not in accordance with the specifications, plans, design and drawings approved by the Authority except with allowable variations as given in these Regulations and allowed under Architecture/ Engineering codes.

4-10.4   The licensee disturbs defies or breaks the discipline of any office of the Authority.

4-10.5     The licensee willfully obstructs the officer of the Authority in carrying out their duties fails to provide facilities for inspecting the building/Site and refuses to furnish the required information from time to time.

4-10.6     The licensee fails to comply with these Regulations.

4-10.7.    The licensee willfully misrepresents any fact or makes any false statement to the Authority or suppresses information of any material fact relating to the work for which he has been engaged.

4-11.    Period of Suspension

The License of the Licensee shall be suspended until the rectification of the cause of suspension or for maximum period as given below:

4-11.1     First time Suspension                Six months

4-11.2     Second time suspension             one Year

  • In case the licensee violates the terms and conditions as per these Regulations for the third time the license shall stand cancelled.


These fees may be revised subject to the approval of Authority formed under Ordinance.

Table 1. Fees for Registration /renewal of Builder /Developer Registration

i.Fees firm Builder RegistrationRs. 1,00,000/-
ii.Renewal of Builder/Developers Registration20% of the fees for registration
iii.Restoration fees for Builders/Developers registrationOriginal Fee


Note:   If License /registration were not renewal for three consecutive months then the license shall be deemed to be cancelled and new application would be required.  

Table 2. Fees for grant/renewal of license t Firms (Soil/material testing laboratories)

i.Fees grant license to firmRs. 25,000/-
ii.Renewal of firm’s license25% of fees for granting license
iii.Restoration fees for firm’s licenseOriginal license fee


Note:         If license is not renewed for three consecutive months then the license shall be deemed to be cancelled and new application would be required.


 Table 3.         Fees for registration /renewal of professional Registration.

i.License /Registration feesRs. 10,000/-
ii.Renewal FeesRs. 10,000/-
iii.Restoration feesRs. 25,000/-