Chapter 3: Planning & Standards


(1) The Authority shall entertain an application for sanction of a housing scheme only if it is submitted within the period of validity of the preliminary planning permission and is in accordance with these rules.

(2) The application shall be accompanied by

(a) A certified copy of the national identity card of the sponsor;

(b) Certified title documents such as registered sale deed, mutation. fard malkiat and any other relevant documents to establish that the sponsor Is the full owner of the land, but no special or general power of attorney shall be entertained or accepted for the proof of the ownership;

(c) Khasra plan or aks-e-shajra certified by the concerned revenue officer;

(d) Non-encumbrance certificate from the competent authority;

(e) Location plan signed by a town planner;

(f) Topographic survey extended to a depth of one thousand feet around the scheme area; and

(g) lay-out plan super-imposed on khasra plan, with proposed division of scheme into residential and commercial plots, road network, open spaces, graveyard, and public buildings, prepared and signed by a town planner and the sponsor, In accordance with these rules.

(3) The sponsor shall provide the documents mentioned in clauses (c), (d), (e), and (f) of sub-rule (2) in triplicate.


The Authority shall ensure that a layout plan of a housing scheme is prepared and sanctioned in accordance with the following technical requirements:

(a) Scale of scheme plan is 1:1200 to 1:2400;

(b) Scale of location plan is 1: 4800;

(c) Size and the dimension of each plot are given;

(d) Plots numbers in the scheme are fixed as per Form ‘G’;

(e) chamfering of a corner plot up to one Kanal, by 5×5 feet and above one Kanal, by 10×10 feet; (f) size and the dimension of public buildings and open spaces;

(g) Right of way of roads;

(h) Parking area with parking layout; tit dimensions at the scheme boundary:

(j) The boundary of a Mouza or a revenue estate;

(k) Number and boundary of each Khasra in a Mouza;

(i) area statement and percentage of:

(i) Residential use; (ii) commercial use; (iii) open spaces; (iv) roads; (v) graveyard; (vi) public buildings; and (vii) other land uses;

(m) Aggregate of various categories of plots with area and size;

(n) Area of existing graveyard if any excluding it from area required for a graveyard under these rules;

(o) Location of pumping station if any;

(p) Location of an overhead water tank and tube well if any;

(q) Aggregate of various categories of plots to be mortgaged;

(r) Signatures of the sponsor and a town planner;

(s) Seal of the approving authority;

(t) Cardinal sign indicating north;

(u) Name of the scheme; and

(v) Names of the mouzas included in the scheme.


(1)The Authority shall ensure that a housing scheme is planned and approved in accordance with the following planning standards and requirements:

  1. a) Planning standards:
Sr. No.Land Use       Land Subdivision


Less than 40      40 Kanal to

Kanal                 less than 100






Private Housing Scheme


Less than 300   300 to 500    Above 500

Kanal             Kanal              Kanal



1.Open Space–                      Min 5%Min. 5%Min. 7%           Min. 7%       7% or above
2.Graveyard–                      –Min. 2%Min. 2%           Min. 2%       Min. 2%
3.Commercial–                      Max. 1%Max. 5%Max. 5%          Max. 5%       Max. 10%
4.Public Buildings–                      Min 2%Min. 2%2% to 10%       3% to 10%    4% to 10%
5.Size of Residential PlotMax. 2 Kanal     Max. 2 KanalMin. 4 KanalMax. 2              Max. 2              Max. 2


Kanal                Kanal                Kanal

6.Internal RoadsMin.30 feet         Min.30 feetMin. 30 feetMin. 30            Min. 30              Min. 30


feet                  feet                     feet

7.Site for Solid Waste Management–                        Min. 5 Marla




Min. 10 marla plots for 500 Kanal and 10 Marla plot for every additional 500 KanalMin. 10 marla  Min. 10 marla   Min. 10


plots for 500    plots for 500      plots for

Kanal and         Kanal and          Kanal and

10 Marla plot   10 Marla plot    10 Marla


for every addi- for every addi-  for every

tional 500         tional 500         additional

500 Kanal Kanal              Kanal



8.Grid Station-


Exclusive of Public Buildings

–                        –As per requirements


of concerned



As per               As per              As per


requirements    requirements    requirement

of concern        of concern        of concern

ed dept.            ed dept.             ed dept.

/agency             /agency            /agency

9.Major RoadsMin 40 feet         Min 40 feetMin. 40 feet to 300 Kanal and 60 feet above 300 KanalMin. 100 feet    Min. 100          Min.150


feet                       feet                  feet

10.Service Area/Society Office–                       Min. 5 MarlaMin. 10 MarlaMin. 10               Min. 10           Min. 1


Marla                  Marla                Kanal


(b) Other requirements: The Authority shall ensure that the following additional requirements are met by the sponsor:

(i) Accommodation of roads proposed in the master plan, outline development plan, structure plan, agro-vine development plan or other allied plans;

(ii) location of a tube well, overhead reservoirs, pumping stations and disposal stations to be provided if required by Water and Sanitation Agency or any other department or agency;

(iii) Location of fire hydrant on the main water line in open space, commercial center and at regular interval along a road;

(iv) Displaying of a guide map at an entrance and other prominent locations in a scheme and board at the corner of road indicating plot numbers and name of the blocks;

(v) Green ship under high tension electricity lines as per requirements of the concerned department or agency;

(vi) In every scheme, appropriate provision for place of worship shall be made;

(vii) approval of design and specification of water supply, sewerage, drainage system, electricity and street light network, road network, solid waste management system in accordance with these rules from the department responsible for approval of the same, except Inland sub-division scheme having en area less than forty Kanal where the sponsor shall:

  1. a) Provide internal infrastructure and services; and
  2. b) Provide septic tank in each plot, in case public sewerage system is not available.

(viii) 20% of the plots in a housing scheme, except in farm housing scheme or in a land sub-division scheme having an area less than forty Kanal, shall be reserved or planned for the low-income group in the following manner,:

(a) 10 % of the plots in a housing scheme shall be allocated for three to five made plots, and

(b) 10% of the remaining plots shall be allocated for multi-story flats or apartments for low-cost housing.