Chapter 2: Preliminary Planning Permission


The following are the types of housing schemes:

(a) Private housing scheme having an area not less than one hundred Kanal and includes a cooperative housing scheme;

(b) Farm housing scheme;

(c) Land sub-division having an area less than one hundred Kanal; and

(d) Land sub-division having an area less than forty Kanal.


(1) A sponsor shall not initiate any planning or development activity In the Area, except in case of the land sub-division scheme having an area less than forty Kanal, without obtaining preliminary planning permission from the Authority.

(2) A sponsor, seeking approval of preliminary planning permission for a housing scheme in the Area, shall submit an application to the Authority and shall attach the following documents with the application:

(a) A certified copy of the national identity card of the sponsor;

(b) Complete mailing address, including email address, of the sponsor:

(c) A copy of the last paid utility bill for the property mentioned in the mailing address as proof of residence;

(d) A certified copy of the certificate of registration of the company or the cooperative society, if applicable;

(e) A location plan of the proposed scheme signed by a town planner;

(f) The proof of ownership status of the land: (I) self-owned; or (ii) private land not owned by the sponsor;

(g) The financial statement of the developer if the land is not owned by the sponsor, including

(i) bank statement; and (II) details of self-owned assets;

(h) in case the land is not self-owned, the financial statement Indicating that funds are available or secured to purchase the land; a soil investigation report for technical requirements prepared by a consultant engaged by the sponsor; Khasra plan showing the boundary, list of Khasra numbers, satellite Imagery of the site and location of the site shown on the master plan and any other information, if required; and

(k) Receipt of the deposit of the preliminary planning permission fee.


(1) The Authority shall not entertain an incomplete application.

(2) The Authority shall examine and satisfy that:

(a) The site proposed for the housing scheme fulfills the following requirements:

(i) It falls on an adequate access road;

(ii) It is not prone to flooding;

(iii) It is not notified by the Government for acquisition for any other public purpose; and

(iv)The housing scheme proposal is in conformity with the approved master plan or outline development plan, agro-Ville development plan, and other allied plans;

(b) Additional requirements in case of land sub-division:

(i) The land is locked owing to the following:

  1. a) Surrounded by an existing built-up area or an approved housing scheme; or
  2. b) (i) separated from the built-up area by physical barriers; and

(ii) A sponsor does not own additional land in continuation of the land proposed for subdivision.


If the application, on evaluation, is found to be In accordance with these rules:

(a) Director Metropolitan Planning shall, within seven days, forward the case to the Water and Sanitation Agency or other concerned Department or Agency;

(b) Water and Sanitation Agency or other concerned Department or Agency shall, within ten days, either issue a No Objection Certificate’ or communicate his observations to the Director Metropolitan Planning;

(c) Director Metropolitan Planning shall, within ten days of receipt of the observations, if any, from Water and Sanitation Agency or other concerned Department or Agency, scrutinize the case in accordance with these rules;

(d) after scrutiny, the Director Metropolitan Planning shall, within seven days, submit the case to the Chief Metropolitan Planner, who shall submit the case to the Director-General, for approval and permission to proceed for the planning of a scheme or otherwise; and

(e) Director Metropolitan Planning shall, within seven days, issue planning permission or convey observations, to a sponsor, if any.


(1) The Director Metropolitan Planning shall, within seven days from the date of the approval of preliminary planning permission, convey the permission to the sponsor.

(2) The permission shall be valid for six months from the date of its receipt by the sponsor but it shall not authorize the sponsor to start construction or undertake marketing of plots or publicity of the housing scheme in any manner whatsoever.

(3) On receipt of the preliminary planning permission, the Sponsor may submit the housing scheme for approval, ln accordance with these rules.