Chapter 17: Zoning Regulations or Area Standards


17-1.1. In addition to the general condition as specified in clause     No.

17-1.10. Special conditions applicable to different categories of plots shall be applicable.

17-1.2. Chamfering for corner Plots

17-1.2.1 Unless otherwise specified in FIGURE -3, the corners of all       plots abutting on two intersecting roads for auto vehicles shall be champhered as follows:-

a).     From 30ft(9.0m) to 59ft (17.9m) width of the road,                       distance should be 6 ft. (1.83).

b).     From 60 ft. (18m) to 109ft. (33.22m) width of the                         road, the distance should be 9 ft. (2.74m).

c).     From 110 ft. (33.53m) and above width of the road, the distance

should be 15 ft. (4.56m).

d).     In case building about on service road the                                      champhered will be governed on the width of the                          service road.


                        17-1.3.1.Boundary walls or any other structures in the front of the              plot shall be totally within the plot.

17-1.3.2.For those sides of building which abut property line, no                 openings, projections or attachments of any nature                           whatsoever shall be permitted, except for those buildings                 where property lines abut on to a public street or a                           permanently open space.

17-1.4.             Ancillary structures

17-1.4.1.          Area of the car porch in house shall not be included in FAR, up to a maximum of 3809 Sq.ft. (35sq.m). If car porch is constructed in front or side COS, maximum clear overall height shall not exceed 8 ft. (2.43m) from the floor level of the plot, and a maximum depth of 20 ft. (6m) shall be allowed along the property line. No construction or occupancy shall be allowed over it within COS. However, any construction above car porch outside the COS shall be included in the FAR.

17-1.4.2.Staircase tower over the stair shaft shall be                                     allowed with maximum clear height of 10 ft. (3m). This                  area shall be not included in FAR.

17-1.4.3.Guard from of maximum 64 Sq.ft. (5.95 Sq.m) area having maximum height of 10 ft. (3m) from centre of the roads         shall be allowed in the front COS in all type of plots having an area of 400 Sq.yds. (335 Sq.m) and above.

17-1.4.4.The loft area up to a maximum height of 5ft. (1.52m) on               bathroom and kitchen shall not be included in FAR .

17-1.5.             Space between blocks in Residential Plots.

                        In case where a number of Block are designed within the plot boundary, open space between two block on front and rear sides of the blocks hall be 50% of the height of the block minimum 30ft. (9m) and minimum open space between the blocks on other two sides of the blocks shall be 20% and minimum 15ft. (4.56m) of the height of the block as illustrated in FIGURE-4 & FIGURE-5.

17-1.6. Landscaped and recreation space.

17-1.6.1. In all residential and residential –cum-commercial projects for public sale, a minimum of 30% of the mandatory open spaces shall be properly landscaped. This landscaped space    shall be left open to sky and shall not be used for parking of vehicles.


17-1.6.2. For all public sale/public use/industrial and commercial                                  plots exceeding 600 Sq.yds. (502 Sq.m) a minimum of 8%                             of the permissible floor area ratio shall be provided for                                   recreation facilities/children play area/prayer area. This                                  area shall not be included in the total floor area up to a                                    maximum of 8% of total floor area.

17-1.7. Exemptions from FAR.

17-1.7.1. In all commercial, public sale, public use and industrial buildings the following areas shall be excluded from FAR.

a).      Car, parking including ramps and driveways

b).       Building services area, such as sub-station, plant                                        rooms lift shafts, lift machine rooms, electrical and                                   mechanical dusts and electric power generator                                           apace.

c).        Arcades, if provided.

17-1.8.Height related setbacks of buildings

                        For all buildings except houses the height of building will be such that it would not intersect an imaginary line from the opposite side of the main road serving the building at an angle of 60c with the horizontal. (Not applicable on chimney shaft of industrial buildings, flag masts and communication equipments, FIGURE-6).

  • Miscellaneous

                        No workshop for denting, painting or repairing of vehicles shall be allowed on commercial plots. In addition, a building intended to carry out dangerous and offensive trades, trades emitting obnoxious smell, factories and mills which produce noise, smell, smoke or other nuisance shall not be allowed to be constructed on commercial plots.

  • Height Restriction of the Building.

            17-1.10.1.        The restricted flying gap and safety zone as prescribed by                                        the Civil Aviation Authority and PAF shall be taken into                                         consideration while determining the health of the building.

17-1.10.2.        The height of the building shall not be above the podium                                         level of 91ft. (27.72m) MSL within ¾ mile (1.2 K.m)                                              radius of Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum.



17-2.1. Building Bulk Standards

            All Residential house /bungalows shall observe the following standards,                except where any of these standards are in conflict with Clause 17-9, in                  which case Clause 17-9 shall prevail.


Up to 59 (49.5m2)85%1:2NoneNone15 Sq.ft. (4.5Sq.m) with min width 3ft. (0.9m)
60-119 (50.4-1002)85%1:23 ft. (0.9m)NoneCourtyard 5ft.(1.5m) x 5ft.(1.5m)
120-199 (100.8-167m2)75%1:23 ft. (0.9m)None3 ft. (0.9m)
200-299 (168-251.3m2)65%1:25 ft. (1.5m)5ft. (1.5m)


on one side

7 ft. (2.13m)
300-399 (252-325.2m-2)65%1:1.85 ft. (1.5m)5ft. (1.5m)


on one side

7ft. (2.13m)
400-499 (336-419.3m2)55%1:1.57.5 ft. (2.25m)5 ft. 1.5m)7ft. (2.13m)
500-999 (420-839.5m2)50%1:110 ft. (3m)7 ft. (2.1m)7.5 ft. (2.25m)
1000-1499 (840.31259.6m2)45%1:115 ft. (4.56m)7 ft. (2.1m)10ft. (3m)
1500 (1260.5m2) & larger40%1:115 ft. (4.56m)7 ft. (2.1m)10 ft. (3m)


Note: – Plots where original allotment conditions or previous rules provide for                   higher FAR than the one provide in the above chart (17-2.1) the FAR                     which are on higher side shall be adopted and numbers of floors shall be

allowed in accordance with the allowable quantum of FAR.

17-2.2. Other Conditions.

            17-2.2.1.Subject to the General Conditions as defined in Clause 17-1.

17-2.2.2.Height of all houses/bungalows measured from Plinth level                                      but excluding parapet, overhead tank, lift machine room if                                       required, staircase rower, and barsati, shall not exceed 35 ft.                                    (10.66m) or three stories whichever is less (except for                                              category H-plots of 4000 sq.yds and above where height of                                     72 ft 6 stories whichever is less will prevail).

17-2.2.3.Plots abutting a public street on the rear shall be exempted from the provision of rear COS up to Plot size of 59 Sq.yds. (49.57 Sq.m). For plots greater than 59 Sq.yds (49.57 Sq.m), the rear COS shall be 50%.


17-3.1. Building Bulk Standards.

All Commercial plots shall observe the following standards, except where any of these standards are in conflict with Clause 17-9, in which case Clause    17-9 shall prevail.

Up to 60 (50.42 m2)90%1:28 ft.(2.5 M)



NoneNone5ft. (1.5m) x 5ft. (1.5m)5ft. (1.5m) x 5ft. (1.5m) 
61-299 (51.26-250m2)85%1:2.50 
None5ft. (1.5m) x 5ft. (1.5m)—- 


300-399 (251-334m2)

GF 85% Upper Fir-75%1:45 ft. (1.5m) on one side only



10% of building height above 30 ft. (9m), with a minimum of 5ft. (1.5m)7 ft. (2.1m)7 ft. (2.1m) 
10% of building height above 30 ft. (9m), with a minimum of 10ft. (3m) 
400-599 (335-501m2)1:55ft. (1.5m)8 ft. (2.5m) 
10ft. (3m) 



75%1:57 ft. for 1000- 1999 Sq.yds.



10 ft. (3m) for over 2000 Sq. yds.

10% of building height above 30 ft. (9m), with a minimum of 10ft. (3m) 
800-999 (669-835m2)1:5 











1000-2000 (836-1672m2) larger














17-3.2. Other Conditions.

1).  For plots abutting public at street at the rear, COS above 30 ft (9m) shall be only minimum as specified for plot size.

2).  Plots where the allotment condition or previous rules permit for higher FAR than the FAR noted in the above chart (17-3.1), the allotment condition or previous regulation which provide for  higher        FAR shall be adopted.

3).  In case of corner plot, COS on sides abutting the lane or road shall be condoned arcade will be provided.

17-4.Flat Sites Category

1.40%1:2.7520 ft. (6m)20 ft. (6m)20 ft. (6m)


17-4.1.Subject to the General Conditions as defined in Clause 17-1.

  • Amenity Plots

            17-5.1.             Subject to the General Conditions as defined in Clause 17-1.

1.LESS THAN 1.0 ACRE50%1:1.510 (3m)10 (3m)10 (3m)
2.1.0 ACRE AND ABOVE50%1:.1.520 (6m)20 (6m)20 (6m)