Chapter 16: Parking Requirements


Parking requirement for motor vehicles specified in these Regulations shall apply when so ever.

16-1.1.  A new building is constructed or a change of use of  existing building is established.

16.1.2.   An existing building is altered and there is an increase in the floor area of the building, then additional parking requirement shall be totally applicable to the proposed addition only within the property limits as required under these Regulations.

16-2.General Conditions

16-2.1.       The parking space, including ramps, shall not be included in FAR.

16-2.2.       Total parking space requirement of every building shall be determined as a sum of parking requirement for each type of use to which the building is subjected.

16-2.3.       Minimum clear height of parking structure without obstruction shall be 7’-6”. (2.28m).

16-2.4.       Detailed plan clearly showing entry exit, gradient of ramp, turning radius, storage spaces, Circulation and movement of vehicles etc. shall be submitted.

16-2.5.       16% of the total car parking space will be utilized to provide space for Motorcycle parking @ 6 Motorcycle and 8 bicycles for every one car

16-2.6.       Minimum one out of every 50 car parking stalls shall be dedicated for the disabled person’s at most convenient location.

16-2.7.       When units of measurement used in computing the number of parking space result in the requirement of a fractional space, the nearest whole number to next higher side of parking spaces shall be taken.

16-3.          Car lifts

16-3.1.       where car lift are provided there shall be a minimum of two car lifts with facilities of standby generator where-ever so required.

16-3.2.       Minimum one car lift wherever so required with standby generator shall be provided for every 40 cars, if parking level is at more than 40 ft. (12M) in height.

16-4.                Application of Parking Requirements

16-4.1     Minimum one motor vehicle parking space shall be provided for:

16.1.1.    Every 6 bedrooms for a hotel of three star category and above. In addition to a per room requirement, parking space shall be provided for all other facilities e.g. restaurants       conference room etc.

16-4.1.2  Every 10 beds and or per consulting room of a

Clinical/medical service building.

16-4.1.3. every 100 sq.ft (9.29 sq.m) in places of all public

assembly, unless specified as hereunder.

16-4.1.4. Every 50 visitors who can be accommodated by and area or

Structure for sports activities;

16-4.1.5. Every 2000 Sq. ft (185.87Sq.m) of floor area of office                                    space in an industrial building unit or wholesale use                                        facilities.

16-4.1.6 Every 800 Sq.ft (75Sq.m) of floor area of space for retail                                shopping;

16-4.1.7. Every 8 seats/occupancy of restaurant of banquet halls;

16-4.1.8. Every 1000 Sq.ft (92 Sqm.m) of business office;

16-4.1.9. Every 4000 Sq. ft (371.7 Sq.m) floor area of all educational                           institutions situated on a plot measuring 2000 Sq.yds and                               above.

16-4.1.10.Every 60 Sq. ft (50.4 Sq.m) of plot area of 1000 Sq.yds. (840.33 Sq.m) marriage lawn/hall;

16-4.1.11.Apartment building, residential or residential-com- commercial building –for every 1200 Sq. ft (111.52 Sq.m) floor area of only residential use, whereas commercial use area shall be governed by above relevant rules;

16-4.1.12.Every 3000 Sq.ft (27.88 Sq.m) of floor area of Cinema.

26-5.Parking Requirements for other uses.

16-5.1     In the case of land development, structure or facilities where use do not fit the categories given above, the agency determining and application for a development permit may           require the provision of parking spaces to the extent     reasonably necessary to promote any of the purposes after due vetting by Transport Department.

16-5.2.       In addition to the foregoing requirement the Authority determining an application for a development permit shall    require the provision of off-street parking spaces for all motor vehicles, including truck, fork lifter etc. and any animal-drawn vehicles essential for the operation of facilities or enterprises on the premises, and the provision of adequate loading and unloading facilities for industrial unit for supply vehicle so located as to requirement of   Transport Department.

16-5.3. As a condition for the granting of permission for land development involving the laying out of new roads, road   widening or road expansion, or otherwise having a       significant impact on traffic conditions in the vicinity GDA require any of the following.

16-5.3.1     The provision of off-street parking space facilities of terminals for public service vehicle, including buses, taxis, truck and animal drawn vehicle.

16-5.3.2.   The provision within transportation rights-of-way of parking strips or taxi, carriage, or bus stands, or loading and unloading spaces for supply vehicles, or.

16-5.3.3. The incorporation of any other design features necessary to achieve any of the purposes set forth in these Regulations.

16-6. Standards for Parking spaces.

16-6.1.       Configuration of parking space under these Regulations shall conform to the minimum standards given in the table below.

Table -16-1.

Bay width8 ft.(2.43m)2.5ft.(0.75m)
Bay length16ft (4.86m)6 ft. (1.8m)
Gradient of ramp*1:7.51:8.5
Straight Turning radius (outer)


Helical length Turning radius

Lot Turning radius.

24 ft. (7.3m)


32 ft. (9.7m)

17.5 ft. 5.3 m)

Minimum Ramp and Driveway width


Two way traffic.

One way traffic.



18 ft. (5.5m)

11 ft. (3.4m)

as per table 24.2




i).  For ramp gradient with 1:7.5 transition of 8.5 ft length shall be provided at start and termination of ramp with gradient of 50% of the main ramp gradient.

ii). For total climb of up to 3.3 f (1M), the above shall be exempted.

Table -16.2. 

Angle of Parking (degrees)Stall width



Stall length



Kerb length per car  Ft.Stall depth



Min, one way driveway width Ft.Lot width 1 row+1 driveway Ft.Lot width rows+1 driveway Ft.
0=along Kerb8 (2.4m)19 (5.8m)19 (5.8m)8 (2.4m)11.5 (3.5m)19.5(6.0m)27.5(8.4m)
308 (2.4m)16(4.9m)18(5.5m)15(4.6m)12(3.7m)27(8.2m)42(12.8m)
458 (2.4m)16(4.9m)17(5.2m)17(5.2m)12(3.7m)29(8.8m)46(14.0m)
608 (2.4m)16(4.9m)15(4.6m)18(5.5m)21(6.4m)39(11.9m)57(17.4m)
908 (2.4m)16(4.9m)8(2.4m)16(4.9m)25(7.6)41(12.5m)57(17.4m)


16.7     Exemption from Provision of Parking Space

The following types of building /plots shall be exempted from provision of car parking space within the premises.

  • Plots up to 720 Sq. yds. (600 Sq.m)
  • All building on plots of odd shapes and dimensions where there is no physical possibility of design car parking space within the premise. The exemption in such case shall be given by the authority.
  • All places of worships.
  • Education buildings of low income area/groups with due vetting by Transport Department.
  • Orphanage house, building for destitute or similar use after the vetting of to Transport Department.

16-8.                Lighting Standard for Parking Lot

Area                            Light Intensity (Foot Candle)

Minimum                    Desirable

Entrance                      50-80                           80-100

Driving Aisles                8-10                             10-15

Over parked                  3-5                               5-10