Chapter 12: Fire Resistance & Fire Precautions


Every building shall comply with the provisions laid down in Chapters 13 and 14 in respect of fire resistance and fire precautions, unless noted otherwise.

12-2     Stand Pipes System

12-2.1     Requirements for Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguishing shall be the


12-2.1.1 All building which are ground plus three storeys or above or more than 43ft. (13 m) high shall be provided a set stand pipe.

  1. a) Buildings from (4) storey up to 8 storey in height shall be equipped with not less than 2inch(5.1 cm) dia stand pipes.


  1. b) Buildings over 8 storeys in height shall be equipped with not less than 4inch (10cm) dia stand pipe.

12-2.1.2  The number of stand pipes shall be such that all parts of every floor area are at a maximum distance of 120ft. (36.5m) from the stand point

12-2.1.3  In So far as practicable, stand pipes shall be located with outlets stairway enclosures; but if these are not available the stand pipes shall be located in common corridor. In any case, one shall be located in the main.

  1. a)  The total construction of stand pipes shall be of mild steel.
  2. b)  Stand pipe risers shall extend from the lowest to the top most storey of the building or part of building which they serve.
  3. c) When more than one stand pipe is required, they shall be interconnected at their bases by pipes equal in size to that of the largest riser.
  4. d) Every stand pipe or stand pipe system in case of inter connected stand pipes shall be equipped with corrosion resistive metal (e.g gunmetal) located on an outer building face nearest to street approximately 20ft.(6m) to 30ft.(9.13m) above finished ground and suitably marked “Fire Department Connection – Stand Pipe”.
  5. e) Stand pipes shall be provided in every story with a 1.5 inch (3.8cm) diameter flexible hose not less than 100ft. (30m) long, with a 0.5inch (1.25cm) nozzle, hang in an approved rack or cabinet.
  6. f) The Stand pipes shall be fed by an overhead water tank reserved solely for this purpose. The minimum of 7ft. (2.1m) head above the highest discharge point.

12.3     Automatic Sprinkler System

12-3.1        Automatic sprinkler system shall be provided in the following:

12-3.1.1     In every institutional building which serves restrained or handicapped persons.

12-3.1.2     In covered car parking areas in buildings of which upper storey are designed for other uses when such parking area exceeds 5000Sq.ft. (464.6Sq.m)

12-3.1.3     Bus garages or terminals for passengers serving more than 4 buses at a time.

12-3.1.4     Each floor mercantile and industrial building which is more than one story high and which exceeds 20,000Sq. ft. (1858.73Sq. m) covered area.

12-3.1.5     All building compartments used for manufacture, display or sale or combustible materials and products which are more than 7000Sq.ft. (650.5Sq.m) in co9vered area.

12-3.1.6     All areas of theatres except auditorium, music hall, and lobbies.

12-3.1.7     All building areas used primarily for storage of incombustible materials and goods, which are more than 1000Sq.ft. (92.93 Sq.m) in areas

12-3.1.8     No sprinkler provision should be made in the immediate vicinity of generators or any electrical equipment.

12-4.    Sprinkler System construction

12-4.1        Sprinkler – System Construction shall be in the following manner:-

12-4.1.1     Sprinkler pipes, hangers and sprinkler heads shall be protected form corrosion.

12-4.1.2     Every sprinkler system shall be equipped with a fine department approved inlet connection located on an outer building face nearest to street approximately 20 to 30ft. (6 to 9.13m) above finished ground and suitable marked “Fire Department Connection –Automatic Sprinklers”.

12-4.1.3     Automatic Sprinkler System shall be fed by an overhead water tank reserved solely for this purpose.  The tanks shall be capable of supplying 25% of the Sprinkler heads for 20 minutes but the minimum capacity of any tank shall be 5000gallons (18,925 Lit). There shall be a minimum head of 15Lbs. /Sq.ft. (1.02Kg/cm2) above the highest discharge point.

12-4.1.4     Automatic Sprinkler System shall be arranged to set off automatic outside valve to control all sources of water supply.

12-5     Manual Fire Extinguishing Equipment

12-5.1        Manual fire extinguishers shall be provided as follows:

12-5.1.1     Two extinguishers in stage area, one in each dressing room, one immediately outside each entry in theaters.

12-5.1.2     One extinguisher in each 2400Sq.ft.(223Sq.m) of area of public assembly buildings, but not less than one on each occupied floor, and not less than 1 in each lab, workshop or vocational room.

12-5.1.3     At lease one extinguisher on each floor at stairway landing and in corridor at each lift or group of lifts in residential and commercial buildings.

12-6.                Installation of Interior Fire Alarm System

12-6.1        Installation of interior fire alarm system shall be installed in the following:

12-6.1.1     All hotels, motels, dormitories, more than one story high and with a capacity of fifty (50) or more occupants

12-61.2      All hospitals, asylums, nursing homes, and similar institutional building accommodating more than (20) twenty occupants above the ground floor.

12-6.1.3     All school buildings with provision of more than Thirty (30) students above the ground floor.

12-6.1.4     All mercantile buildings with more than 186m 2 above the first floor.

12-6.1.5     All factory buildings exceeding two (2) storey in height and with more than 4000Sq.ft. (371.74Sq.m) above the first floor.

12-6.1.6     All office buildings more than five (5) Storey in height and with occupancy area of more than 1, 00,000Sq.ft. (9293.68Sq.m) above the ground floor.

12-6.1.7     All Cinemas, theaters and similar places of public assembly.

12.7     Signal Station

12.7.1     Signal Stations shall be provided as follows:

12-7.1.1  At least one (1) station shall be located in each storey in an accessible location in the natural depth of exit-way or escape.

12-7.1.2    All stations shall be so located that no point on any floor or the building is more than 150ft. (45.69m) distant from a station.