Chapter 11: Water Supply, Drainage & Sanitation

    Water Service Pipe

11-1.1. Except as permitted in the following paragraph (11-12), underground water service piping and the building sewer line shall be not less than 7 ft. (2.13m) apart horizontally and shall be separated by undisturbed or compacted earth.

11-1.2. The water service pipe may be placed within 7 ft. (2.13m) of sewerage line provided that the bottom of the water service pipe is at least 12 inch (300m). above the top of the sewer line.

11.2.    Minimum Storage Capacity for Category “IV” buildings

Minimum capacity of water storage tanks in buildings of category “ IV”

Shall be

11-2.1              Overhead Tank           =1 day + 25% reserved for fire fighting

11-2.2              Underground tank       =21/2  days out of the reserved capacity

25% shall be kept reserved for fire

fighting purposes by making suitable arrangements

11-2.3  Distribution of Water within the Premises

The design of water supply pipe work, underground and overhead tanks shall be in accordance with the following schedule:-

Per capita water requirements/demand for various occupancies.


                                                                                    Per head/day

Sr. No.            Type of occupancy                            (in liter)

  1. Residential 135
  2. Institutional
  3. a) Day Schools 45-100
  4. b) Boarding Schools 135-225
  5. c) Medical Hospital                           450
  6. d) Medical-Cinema, Theater
  7. Assembly-Cinema, Theater

Auditorium etc. (per seat of

Accommodation).                               45

  1. Government or Semi-public 45
  2. Mercantile (commercial )
  3. a) Restaurants 90
  4. b) Shopping Centers, Stores

(Per toilet fixture)                               200

  1. c) Other Business Buildings   45
  2. Hotels 225
  3. Industrial 45-135
  4. Storage including warehouse 30
  5. Service Station 200
  6. Bus / Turk Stands (per vehicle) 200
  7. Live Stock (per animal) 45-150
  8. Poultry (per chicken) 45

11-3.    Recycling Plant and Treatment of Effluent/sewage

In Case recycling plant or treatment of effluent/sewage are provided, all requirements for construction and maintenance as set by National Environmental Quality Standard (NEQS), Shall be followed.

  • Sanitation and Solid Waste
    • All medical & hospital waste shall be safely collected, transported and disposed off in accordance with the public health standards and up to satisfaction of the Authority.
  • All industrial waste shall be treated in accordance with the National Environment Quality Standards (NEQS).
  • All hospitals shall provide the disposal of medical waste as per National Environment Quality Standards (NEQS).
  • In all public sale projects the central waste disposal system shall be provided by the developer.
  • Digester/Septic Tank

Where no public sewer is in existence, all sewage shall be disposed off after properly treating, through digester or septic tank, and effluent shall be discharged safely into a soak pit as a temporary measure till such time as a system is laid out.

  • Soil Pipes, Waste Pipes and Ventilating Pipes

11-6.1     A trap shall be used to maintain the water seal and make system proof against closing and blockages

11-6.2     In no case shall the internal diameter of a soil pipe or waste pipe be less than the internal diameter of any pipe or of the outlet of any appliance which discharges into it.

11-6.3     All the joints shall be:-

  • Properly prepared by the use of rubber gasket of water sealant materials for jointing.

11-6.3.2 Adequately supported throughout its length without restraining thermal movements, any fitting which gives such supported being securely attached to the building;

  • So placed as to be reasonably accessible for maintenance and repair.
  • Ventilating pipe shall be provided in all stacks carrying wastewater or sewage, in accordance with the plumbing code.
  • Drain Water pipe of appropriate dimension shall be provided as per approved standard.
  • Sanitary Provisions

The minimum requirements/sanitary provisions as prescribed hereunder shall be followed:

11-7.1.       For every five (5) single room units or servant quarters: one wash-basin, one W.C and one (1) bathroom shall be provided.

11-7.2.       For every 10(ten) bedrooms or less in a Boarding House or Guest House there shall be at least two (2) W.C.c’ two (2) washbasins and two(2) showers.

  • For every 20 (twenty) persons in Dormitory and Hostel there shall be at least three (3) W.C.’s, three (3) wash-basins and three(3) showers, and for every 10(ten) additional persons one(1) W.C one (1) wash-basin and one (1) urinal, one (1) wash basin and one (1) shower are to be add.

11-7.4.     In an office with 30(thirty) persons (calculated at a rate of one (1) person per 100Sq. ft. (9.29Sq.m), there shall be minimum of three (3) W.C.’s two (2) washbasins and one (1) urinals. W.C one (1) wash basin, and one (1) urinal One (1) wash-basin or equivalent washing space per 25 (twenty five or less persons shall be provided for ablution purposes.

11-7.5        In factory with 30(thirty) persons (calculated at a rate of one (1) person per 100Sq.ft. (9.29Sq. m)), there shall be minimum of three W.C.’c two (2) wash-basins and one (1) urinals. For every additional 20 (twenty) persons there shall be one (1) W.C., one (1) wash-basin and one (1) urinal. One (1) wash-basin or equivalent washing space per 25(twenty five) or less persons shall be provided for ablution purposes, and shall be divided proportionately amongst the genders.

11-7.6.       Shopping Center- a minimum of three (3) W.C.’s one (1) urinals, and one (1) wash-basin shall be provided for 3000 Sq.ft. (278.8Sq. m) or less total floor area. For every additional 2000Sq.ft. (185.8Sq. m) floor area, one (1) W.C one (1) wash-basin, and one (1) urinal shall be provided.

11-7.7      Public Assembly building-two (2) W.C. ‘s one (1) wash-basin, and three (3) urinals shall be provided for 1500Sq. ft. (139Sq. m) or less of total floor area and for every additional 1500Sq. ft. (139Sq.m) of floor area one (1) W.C one (1) wash-basin and two (2) urinals shall be provided.

11-7.8.       For Mosque, five (5) ablution space for every Hundred (100) Nazim’s and two(2) W.Cs, one shower room shall be provided, for every additional (100) Nazim’s the number of ablution space will be extended by 8,6,4 respectively plus special arrangement for the female having a capacity of 300 Nazim’s three (3) ablution and one (1) W.C shall be provided.

11-7.9        Cinema and Auditorium-for every 50 seats or less two (2) W.C’s two 2 Urinals and two wash-basins shall be provided, and for every additional 50 seats one (1) W.C two (2) urinals and two (2) wash-basin shall be provided and shall be divided proportionately amongst the genders.

11-7.10      School: – four (4) W.C’s and two (2) wash-basins per Hundred (100) students and for every additional fifty (50) students one (1) W.C and one (1) wash-basin shall be provided.

11-7.11      Hospital:- For every 10 beds in a general ward there shall be at least one (1) water closet, one (1) wash-basin, one (1) ablution tap and one (1) bathroom with shower one (1) kitchen sink shall be provided in each ward.

11-7.12.     For 50 seats or part thereof of Restaurant, one (1) water closet, one (1) urinal, one (1) wash-basin shall be provided.

11-7.13      Two urinals may be replaced by W.C., while proportionately dividing the fixtures among the genders.

11-7.14.     Provision of one (1) W.C for special persons shall be provide

  • All fixtures shall be divided proportionately amongst the genders.

11-8.    Manholes and Inspection Chambers 

11-8.1  At every change of alignment, gradient or diameter of a drain, there shall be a manhole or inspection chamber. Bends and junctions in the drains shall be grouped together in manholes as far as possible. The spacing of manholes in case of pipe having a diameter 6 inch/8inch (150 mm/ 200mm) shall be 50ft. /110ft. (15.2m /35.5 m) according to respective diameter, and in case of diameter more than 8inch (200 mm) distance shall be not more than 150ft. (45m).

11-8.2  The chamber shall be so designed to make the cleaning and inspection conveniently.

11-8.3  Proper benching shall provide equal to half the diameter of pipe in semi-circular shape with proper slope in either direction so that no solid shall accumulate in the Manhole/Inspection Chamber.

11-8.4. C.I. Rungs shall be provided at 16inch (400mm) center to center in all manholes over4ft.(1.2m) in depth. The size of the manhole cover shall be such that there is a clear opening of at least 2ft. (60cm) in diameter for manholes exceeding 4ft. (1.2m) in depth.

11-9        Storm Water Drains

11-9.1  The roofs of every building, and the floor or balconies abutting on a street or constructed over a street, shall be so constructed or framed as to permit effectual drainage of the rain water there from, by means of a sufficient number of leaders of adequate sizes, so arranged, jointed, and fixed as to ensure that the rain water is carried away from the building without causing dampness in any part of the walls, or foundations of the walls, or foundations of the building or those of an adjacent building provided the fall is not greater than 20ft. (6m) in case of spouts.

11-9.2  A leader shall not discharge into or connect with any soil pipe or its ventilating pipe, or any waste pipe or its ventilating pipe, nor shall it discharge into a sewer.

12-9.3  Rain Water from leader spouts etc. shall not discharge onto a public street at a height greater than 12inch (300mm) from that street, or onto a neighboring property.