Chapter 10: Building Structure Design & Construction Requirements

10-1.  Loads and Design

Structure analysis, design, detailing and loading shall be in accordance with the requirements of current Uniform Building Code (UBC) and American Code or British relevant Code or any other Code. Structure shall however be designed by only one approved Code.

  •  Seismic Design.

Seismic Risk Zone for Gwadar will be (with reference to UBC-97) which is equivalent to Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) of 16% g to 24% g.

  • Sub Soil Investigation

In view of the structural design in Seismic hazard zone, type of Sub-Soil for foundation soil is thoroughly ascertained by geo-technical investigation under the director supervision of qualified and experienced geo-technical engineers. The Soil Report should correlate the sub-soil type with UBC-97 (or current) Sub-Soil list.

10-4  Wind Load

Wind Load should be based on the velocity and gust factors data from local Meteorological Department.                     

10-5  Erection on Reclaimed site

  • No building foundation shall be erected upon a site reclaimed by Town sweepings or other refuse except on recommendation of Geo-technical and Structural Engineer.
  • No building plans shall be approved on open nallahs public sewers

and the like.

10-6.    Protection of Existing Services

During the making of an excavation in connection with a building works or services, adequate precautions shall be taken to secure the existing services.

10-7.    Foundation near Drains

where a building is to be erected adjacent to existing buildings, or near a drain/nallah, or an excavation at a distance less than depth of the said drain/nallah or excavation, or such as to affect the stability of drains/ nallah, the owner, through a Structural Engineer, shall satisfy the authority that the foundations of the building have been carried down to a level safe guarding its stability.         

10-8.    Specifications

Specifications of Material Quality Control and workmanship will be of high quality and in accordance with the requirements of ACI. Building Codes, Uniform Building Code (UBC) and ASTM Standards.

10-9.    Testing of Materials

Regular testing will be carried out of materials such as Aggregates, Cement, Concrete and Reinforcing Steel and all Architectural materials the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Criteria laid down in standards of FIDIC, ASTM, OR ACI /USB and project Specifications. The Quality Assurance Program of the Architect/Engineer may also be followed.

  • Supervision

Construction supervision and quality assurance will be carried out by full time/top supervision by the designer/supervising engineers’ architects / inspectors etc. as required in these Regulations. Constructor / Builders /developers full time supervisory staff for the category of buildings in these regulations shall carry out supervision and quality control.