Chapter 1: Preliminary



(1) These rules may be cited as the Lahore Development Authority Private Housing Schemes Rules2014.

(2) They shall come into force at once.

(3) They shall extend to all Housing Schemes Including Cooperative Housing Schemes.


(1) In these rules:

(a) “Act” means the Lahore Development Authority Act, 1975 (XXX of 1975);

(b) “Amalgamation” means joining of two or more housing schemes;

(c) “Apartment site” means a site earmarked for the specific use of an apartment building;

(d) “Chamfer” means the flat surface made by cutting of sharp edge or corner of a plot to enhance the visibility at the turning point;

(e) “Company” means a company registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984(XLVII of 1984);

(f) “Conversion charges” means the charges levied by the Authority for the conversion of land use;

(g) “Cooperative society” means a society registered under the Cooperative Society Act, 1925 (VII of 1925);

(h) “development works” means the planning and execution of infrastructure of a housing scheme such as roads, street lights, water supply, and sewerage system, electricity, sui gas and such like amenities; (i) “educational institution” includes a school, college, university, research or training center, library or a madrassah;

(j) “Farmhouse” means a dwelling place attached to a farm on a plot having an area not less than four Kanal;

(k) “Form” means a Form appended to these rules;

(I) “Government” means Government of the Punjab;

(m) “Horticulture” means the art or practice of garden cultivation, tree plantation, arranging of grass and flower beds;

(n) “Housing scheme” includes a private housing scheme, a farm housing scheme, a land sub-division or a cooperative housing scheme;

(o) “Infrastructure” means the services including road network, water supply, drainage and sewerage system, telephone, gas, cable and power lines;

(p) “Kanal” means a size of land equal to twenty merles:

(q) “landscape plan” means a plan showing visible feature In an open space in a scheme such as walkway, green area, fountain, flower bed, grass and trees;

(r) ‘Land Sub-Division’ means a sub-division of land having area less than hundred kanal

(s) “Low cost housing” means construction of low cost houses In the shape of quarters, combined houses, flats or apartments for low income group;

(t) “Low income group” means a group of persons in which very person has monthly income not exceeding twenty five thousand rupees;

(u) “Marlas” means a size of land equal to two hundred twenty five square feet in Lahore district and two hundred seventy two square feet in other districts,

(v) “master plan” means the traditional method for presenting a set of land usage allocation and control measures in the form of a map In graphical form and Is supported by written statements of goals and objectives, strategy, financial implications and policies for planning and development for an area and includes a structure plan, an outline development plan, a spatial plan, and pen-urban structure plan and a metropolitan plan;

(w) “peri-urban area means an area that spans the landscape between contiguous urban development and rural countryside with low population density and is predominantly being used for agricultural activity and is likely to be urbanized in the next twenty years as may be notified by the Authority;

(x) “Peri-urban structure plan” means a plan indicating the proposed road network and type of development in the peri-urban in accordance with the Lahore Development area Authority Master Plan Rules 2014;

(y) “Property” means a plot or a building in a scheme;

(z) “Public building” includes a dispensary, post office, police station, local government office, educational institution, hospital, clinic, mosque, fire station, community center, clubs, and such other public building;

(aa) “Right of way” means the width of road or street between two opposite properties;

(bb) “Saleable area” means an area under the residential, commercial, and public building plots in a scheme;

(cc) “sponsor” means a company or a cooperative society or a firm or an owner of land who intends to develop a housing scheme or who has developed a scheme after approval;

(dd) “sub-division of plot” means the division of a plot into two or more plots in an approved housing scheme;

(ee) “Town planner” means a town planner registered with Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners; and

(ff) “Valuation table” means the valuation table notified under the Stamp Act 1899 (II of 1899).

(2) A word or term used but not defined in these rules shall have the same meaning as in the Act.