Chapter 1: Jurisdiction

G W A D A R   D E V E L O P M E N T   A U T H O R I T Y

N O T I F I C A T I O N, 2004

In exercise of powers conferred by section of Gwadar Development Authority Act  2003, with the prior approval of the Governing Body the authority is pleased to make the following regulations:-

  • Short title and commencement and extent
  • These Regulations may be called the Gwadar Building Planning and Regulations 2004.
  • These Regulations shall come into force at once.
  • These Regulations shall apply to the whole Tehsil of Gwadar.
  • Application of Gwadar Building and Town Planning Regulations.

Every person who intends to carry out building planning and land development work shall comply with the requirements of these Regulations.

  • Exemption from Building Regulations.

In order to meet emergency conditions and the requirements of persons in the sub-economic income group, the Government may declare special areas where these Regulations may be relaxed for a specific period of time after which these buildings shall become subject to special low cost housing codes.

  • Delegation of Powers and Duties.
    • The Governing body hereby delegates to the Gwadar Development Authority, the powers and duties assigned by these Regulations.
    • From time to time the Government may by notification, modify or withdraw from the Authority any such powers or duties, or add to or revise, or may recommend the revision of the boundaries of the jurisdiction of the Authority.